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Research and Campaign - Campaigning for Change

“Research and Campaign” means the practices and principles - by government or any large institution - which affect the way people live their everyday lives.

The Citizens Advice service aims to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives, as well as providing individuals with the advice they need for particular situations.

Our clients’ experience adds up to a huge wealth of information about the problems people experience. We work proactively to prevent similar problems happening to others.

Collecting evidence

Every day, Advisers complete Evidence Forms on cases where there may have been an injustice or unfairness which could affect other people. Our Research Co-ordinator looks at these and also sends them to central Citizens Advice, where policy workers collate evidence from all over the country. Individuals are not identified but this evidence is used to highlight the effects that policies have on people and to suggest where improvements can be made.

We sometimes display questionnaires or postcards - in our waiting room or on displays at local events - inviting local people to contribute their experiences on issues where more evidence is needed. Recent topics have been changes to tax credits and access to benefits.

Campaigning for change - nationally…

The Citizens Advice Service is respected for its impartiality and independence. All levels of government and big institutions listen to what we have to say. By lobbying government and big organisations or publishing findings based on our evidence, Citizens Advice can effectively campaign for social justice and get laws and policies changed for the better. At Citizens Advice Fareham we get involved with this national campaigning which can improve things for everyone, including people who may never have used our services. Recent campaigns have focused on issues as diverse as:
¤ Access to NHS dentistry
¤ Landlord & Letting Agent practices
¤ School uniform costs
¤ Bailiffs

…and just in Fareham we also look at issues which may be purely local or which are administered according to local policies and practices. These have included problems with benefits, housing, rough sleepers and debt collection. We can act individually or join forces with other Hampshire CABx and outside agencies to raise awareness and press for changes.

If you have a social policy issue which you wish to raise or would like to help with this aspect of our work, please contact the Bureau.

The Citizens Advice service has a central role in tackling injustice, reducing poverty and social exclusion, and enabling people to realise their full potential. Our advice services provide the impetus for millions to understand and realise their rights while, through pressing for change in social policy, we help many more. Our work is also a powerful catalyst to help social and economic regeneration across communities.

This strategy strengthens and increases our impact as a key agent of social improvement. It will enable us to improve our capacity to deliver quality advice, available when people need it, free, confidential and impartial, and to use client evidence to strengthen our policy influencing role.
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