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Additional Services
Citizens Advice Fareham is lucky to have 3 addional services working closely with Citizens Advice Fareham and other local Citizens Advice Services.
Healthwatch Hampshire

Citizens Advice Fareham is working in partnership with Healthwatch Hampshire.

Healthwatch is an organisation within Citizens Advice that consentrates on feedback for NHS or government funded Health and Community Care services, whether this be a doctors surgery, dentist, hospital, care home or other.

The feedback collected is used to find trends in services to see where improvement is needed or where praise is to be given.

For more complex issues, Citizens Advice Fareham would refer clients to the Healthwatch Hampshire Advocacy Service.

For more information on Healthwatch Hampshire and upcoming events, please visit the website, or Click Here.
Pension Wise

Each Friday we have a Pension Wise adviser join us in the office. The adviser will see upto 4 appointments a day and clients would need to be refered to the Pension Wise service for these appointments.

To get refered for a pension wise appointment, please visit your local Citizens Advice who will ask you a few questions to make sure you fit the criteria. You will then be contacted by Pension Wise to arrange an appointment at your prefered location, or you can call 030 0330 1001, or visit the Gov website. Click Here.

From the 1st April 2016, Pension Wise will be hosted in Lancing, Bognor, Chichester, Burgess Hill, Petersfield, Horsham Age UK, Portsmouth, Littlehampton and Citizens Advice Fareham. Citizens Advice Fareham has been a popular choice for Pension Wise appointments.

For more information on Pension Wise through Citizens Advice, please visit or Click Here.
Citizens Advice Portsmouth - Debt Adviser

Every other  Monday, we have a specialist Debt Adviser come into our Fareham Office to deliver four debt appointments.

To get an appointment with the debt specialist, please come into us for a drop in chat where we can get the inital information to give to the debt adviser. We will then make sure your case is suitable and issue you with an appointment for the debt specialist.

These appointments are in high demand so you may need to wait a week or two before an appointment is available.

For online debt advice, please click here.